Y Ryda Birthday Party Fashion Show Concert

There are several reasons that you must pay attention to Philadelphia Fashion and Music industry. After observing these photos, you will tend to agree. All the eyes of the world are looking in and Bingetvexclusive is the window through which they gaze.

So many designers and artists that this writer failed to gather the requisite information from each party. However, if you see a design and you know the designer or model, just tag or send me their information.

Art Inspires Art

This was the theme of the party and the host hit a home run. He really put on the best promotion of the year in my opinion. The Golf and Social Club At 1080 Delaware Ave plays a huge role in the success of this event. Their spacious venue gave the runway a whole new look. The highlight of the event was the Art exhibitions. (See below)

Fortune Favors the Bold

These new designs are straight forward,fun and imaginative. I could not have been more pleased at the scope and range of the designs.

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