B.M.A.A.D. Is Here To Make A Difference

The B.M.A.A.D MISSION is straight-forward.” declares Shug White, B.M.A.A.D

  1. We are here to act as mentors for the young men and women who may need advice or help with subjects that are not handled traditionally through government services. We teach them what we know. This is our new videographer Nasi Loves taking pictures. This is Young Mugga. An inspiring artist and an upstanding young man.“It is never too early to begin with positive reinforcement of individual value,” asserts Shug White, himself an avid believer of motivating and articulating.The Founder of this charitable organization is very passionate about our future leaders. “I want them to be effective communicators,” explains Montana, the Chairman.”We teach them to respect not only their lives, but the lives of others.”We will show them that there are many tangible lucrative ventures that can be employed by them if they have the knowledge of these ventures,” explains Shug White. The C.E.O. of BINGETVEXCLUSIVE is offering up his expertise in Multi Media Marketing also.B.M.A.A.D is not unlike the “Guardian Angels” (a political group from the 70’s) in many respects,” opines Shug White.

Each individual member is given a forum for their ideas, concerns or any matter that may present a barrier towards their ultimate success.

“Ultimately, we just want to see them succeed,” avers Shug White.It is very hard to make it out here without a positive influence in a young,” as Shug White explains further, “We can all be influential in the sculpture of the future.

“I can see a bright future in each and every individual Thant may or may not come into contact with me,” surmises Shug White. “That is just how I choose to view life. Positive and Polished. That’s the end game. That’s what I am going to see in them.”


B.M.A.A.D. Is a non profit organization aimed at helping people.

A #Bingetvexclusive

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